From Blossom to Bottle: Adelaide Hills Flowering Season Is Upon Us

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of winegrowing in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, where the craft of creating fine wines is as much about dedication as it is about the beauty of nature. At Nepenthe, we're passionate about sharing the journey from vine to bottle, starting with one of the most crucial stages: flowering.

29 Nov 2023

Understanding Flowering: The Heartbeat of the Vineyard

Did you know that the flowering stage is a make-or-break period for our future wines? It's when our vines need just the right touch of gentle winds and a stretch of dry weather for self-pollination to take place. This delicate process can last from a quick week to an entire month, depending on Mother Nature's mood.

Right now, our V24 vines are a sight to behold, with varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir showing off their flowers. It's a busy time for us, as we anticipate the rest of our grape types to follow suit over the next couple of weeks. If all goes well with flowering, we set the stage for a great yield and a successful fruit set, which is our next milestone in the vintage cycle.

A whiff of the Vines: The Unique Aroma of Flowering

Here's a fun fact for you: flowering vines have a special aroma. It's a bit musky and utterly distinct. Once you catch it, you'll recognize it anywhere in Adelaide Hills. It's our little secret that when the vines are in bloom, the air is filled with nature's best perfume.

Bio-Security: Keeping Our Vines Happy and Healthy

Talking about the growing season, let's not forget the importance of bio-security. It's all about keeping our vines safe from pests, diseases, and other threats. By safeguarding our vineyards, we ensure that our vines can put all their energy into growing the best possible grapes, without any unwanted stress. South Australia is one of the only places in the world that has been unaffected by the vine-threatening epidemic ‘Phylloxera’. To ensure that it remains that way, it’s important to respect vineyard signage and vines by staying out of the vineyards.

Vintage: More Than Just a Year on a Bottle

When we talk about wine vintage, we're referring to the year the grapes were harvested and how that specific year's conditions have imprinted on the wine's character. In Adelaide Hills, our distinct climate and soil play a huge role in shaping the personality of our wines, giving you a true taste of our region with every sip.

Wrapping It Up

So, whether you're a wine aficionado or new to the world of wines, we invite you to learn about and experience the nuances of wine growing with us at Nepenthe Wines. From the intricate flowering phase to the care we take with bio-security, every step is taken with the utmost respect for our craft. Keep an eye out for our vintages; they are not just bottles of wine but stories of our land, weather, and hard work. We can't wait to share the next vintage with you—born from the heart of Adelaide Hills and crafted with Nepenthe’s special touch. Cheers to that!