Our People

Fuelled by passion and a sense of discovery

Our people are experts, fuelled by passion and a sense of intrigue and discovery to craft the most beautiful wines of provenance. A human, handcrafted touch enables minimal intervention and maximum confidence in our wines. Craftsmanship extends beyond our wine to embody our brand’s very soul and continual standard of excellence.

Nepenthe Winemaker

James Evers

With 26 vintages under his belt, Nepenthe Winemaker James Evers is dedicated to producing top-quality wine from Australia’s premier cool climate region and his knowledge of the area’s unique terroir has led to some outstanding products, which have won major accolades at international wine shows.

“The Adelaide Hills region is extremely exciting for me as a winemaker because of its diverse topography. With so many microclimates, I get to work with an amazing palette of varieties as well as an array of slightly different flavour and style profiles within each variety depending on where in The Hills they are sourced.

This allows me to create wines of great complexity by blending these parcels or making wines that are true marker of the small area from which they come from. Being able to have those amazing choices out of the region is what makes my job so exciting and rewarding.”

Nepenthe Viticulturalist

Jurie Germishuys

As a viticulturist with 29 vintages done over a wide range of climates, Jurie is especially fond of the Adelaide Hills that exposes him to just that, a wide terroir range. His broad experience and knowledge from across the world, and his passion for cool climate viticulture is what helps him to produce grapes of outstanding quality, tailored for the wines we make.

“In the Adelaide Hills we have the opportunity to grow grapes on various terroirs with a wide range of slopes, aspects, elevations, soils types and cultivation methods. This challenges our way of thinking constantly as we adapt to the massive variations throughout the Adelaide Hills. I can only describe this as exciting, which makes my life very interesting.

Having a close relationship with the winemaker, to understand his fruit requirements for specific wines, is crucial in the Adelaide Hills. This teamwork approach is what make our wines a product of choice.”

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