Nepenthe altitude pinot rose, shiraz and chardonnay

Nepenthe Partners with Good Chef Bad Chef

Bringing you delicious food and wine pairings to get the conversation flowing

2 May 2022

Nepenthe partners with Good Chef Bad Chef to bring you delicious food and wine pairings to get the conversation flowing. On the show, a chef and a nutritionist take opposites sides on gastronomy. The recipes are sometimes healthy, sometimes comforting but always delicious! Especially when paired with your favourite Nepenthe wine.

Each weekday Good Chef Bad Chef share delicious recipes to inspire your inner Chef. Created at the hands of Master craftsmen our wines are vibrant, fresh, and textural and are the perfect accompaniment to elevate a home cooked meal. As the show’s official wine partner, Nepenthe Wines will feature in Series 14 of ‘Good Chef Bad Chef’ across four episodes in April and May. You can tune in at 4:00pm on weekdays on Network Ten so make sure to check it out. You can also find Nepenthe pairing recipes on the Good Chef Bad Chef website so keep your eyes peeled.

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The first Nepenthe episode had Good Chef Bad Chef hosts, Adrian and Preeya, cook up a storm with a standing rib roast paired beautifully with Nepenthe Altitude Pinot Noir. Roasting intensifies the savoury qualities of the meat. A rich yet elegant wine like Nepenthe cool climate Altitude Pinot Noir is a natural match. The Pinot Noir reveals aromas of raspberry and morello cherries and a touch of fragrant herb in harmony with the herbs in the dish. Bright summer berry fruit flavours extend onto the palate supported by subtle spice providing a soft, velvety finish. Roasting melts the fat in the meat for extra richness in the dish and the natural acidity of Pinot Noir pairs to form a combination that will delight your guests and make your evening flow.

Feeling inspired to have friends over for dinner? Invite your nearest and dearest and make real connections over a great bottle of Nepenthe - the perfect centrepiece for any get-together. The Nepenthe collection showcases the unique characters of our home in the Adelaide Hills. The diversity of the region creates unique microclimates that enable an array of grape varieties to thrive, resulting in a multitude of different wine styles. Our people are experts, fueled by passion and a sense of intrigue and discovery to craft the most beautiful wines of provenance.

A human, handcrafted touch enables minimal intervention and maximum confidence in our wines. A few bottles of Nepenthe are perfect to have on hand for a dinner party with friends. Try it for yourself with one of the delicious recipes from Good Chef Bad Chef.