Vintage 2022 Updates at Nepenthe

The first signs of our new vintage wines at our Adelaide Hills vineyard

13 Mar 2022

We are excited to see the first signs of vintage 2022 in full swing as our winemaking team have at last started harvesting. A very cool season meant that fruit ripening was delayed, and our team continued to monitor fruit ripeness and quality to ensure the optimal harvest for our new vintage wines.

It’s been a very mild summer so far in the growing season, with cool nights & mild but sunny days. This has allowed for slow, even ripening conditions for our Adelaide Hills fruit. With vintage a little delayed by about 3-4 weeks, quality and yield is high and everything is tracking well for an outstanding vintage.

Seen here are the Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir grapes from our Balhannah site that will go into our Altitude and Prestige Cuvée. To ensure no local critters use the vineyard as their snacking pantry, our vineyard team have been busy netting the site to protect the plump berries, allowing them to quietly ripen ready for harvest.

All signs are pointing to what will be a very good vintage!