Behind-the-Scenes: Vintage 2024

As another vintage season ends in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, we sit down with our Chief winemaker, James Evers, to uncover the stories and details of the 2024 harvest.

15 Apr 2024

"It has been a great quality vintage, particularly for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir," shares our chief winemaker, echoing the sentiment of a season marked by excellence. However, behind the success, there were challenges that tested our team's determination.

"Last year during flowering, Adelaide Hills had a lot of stormy weather, which is never good for pollination," James explains. The turbulent weather conditions disrupted the delicate process of pollination, leading to reduced yields— but these challenges highlighted the strength and resilience required in winemaking.

Despite the challenges, this vintage has delivered exceptional wine quality. "The season started off great with a full moisture profile and a mild sunny growing season", painting a picture of ideal conditions fostering flavour richness and natural acid retention. This blend of factors culminated in wines of exceptional character.

In The Spotlight:

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are the standout stars of vintage 2024, exemplifying the exceptional quality of Adelaide Hills terroir. "There are some outstanding wines sitting in barrel at the moment," says our Chief Winemaker, James Evers, who is particularly pleased this year, as his favourite varietal, Chardonnay, is looking exceptional.

“This year, we've introduced small batches of Gamay and Sangiovese to our lineup. It's a first for us, and we can't wait to see how these wines develop as they mature”, James shares.

Vintage Wrap-up:

The first wines from this exceptional vintage will start to emerge as early as July, beginning with our Sauvignon Blanc, followed closely by our other white and sparkling varietals. Stay tuned for these eagerly awaited releases!