Drink Aussie Sauvignon Blanc this Summer

Discover the delicious taste of Australian Sauvignon Blanc, the perfect drop for all your festive occasions.

17 Nov 2021

As the days get longer, weather turns warmer and those holiday season vibes start to emerge, now is the perfect time to start thinking about all the festive get-togethers and free-flowing celebrations centred around the season’s best produce and of course, wines to match. Typically, as we move into warmer months, the food we eat tends to become lighter with a nod to outdoor picnics and barbecues, fresh summer salads and an array of quality seafood. Paired with this are lighter styles of wine, perfect for sharing on those warmer days and balmy evenings like sparkling wine, rosé and white wine varietals (although no one will blame you if you’re vibing a full-bodied shiraz with those grilled sausages!).

Sauvignon Blanc: the wine Aussies love

Sauvignon Blanc is currently the most popular white wine varietal in Australia, with its refreshingly light, crisp flavour profile this easy-drinking style pairs well with an array of foods including fresh prawns, grilled vegetables and crisp salads. When discussing the popularity of Sauvignon Blanc here in Australia, inevitably we need to acknowledge our neighbours across the pond. The impact New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc had across the world was formative in altering consumers’ perceptions of this varietal, increasing our expectations of taste and flavour profile. An influx of Malborough Sauvignon Blanc in the early 2000s generated a lot of interest and buzz for this New Zealand superstar, and had a positive impact on Australian consumers who increasingly sought wines from regions other than Malborough.


Australian versus New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: What’s the difference?

There are some unique flavour differences in the wines from these two regions. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is recognizable by its herbaceous yet floral aroma that’s complemented by a zesty, citrus acidity on the palate. Some would even say your lips will pucker from the high acidity in the wine. It is typically a very crisp, aromatic wine with notes of grapefruit and cut grass and tends to be more fruit-driven compared to its French counterparts from Bordeaux and the Loire Valley.

Australian Sauvignon Blanc styles are typically elegant and refreshing. The natural acid in Australian Sauvignon Blanc tends to be less aggressive with the fruit being a little riper when picked. This helps the wines become more mouth-filling (less lip-puckering) and have greater drinkability. The tropical fruit characters in Australian Sauv Blanc (think passionfruit and guava) are what gives these wines such strong appeal and make them extremely food-friendly. One of Australia’s best regions for producing Sauvignon Blanc in the Adelaide Hills, a cool-climate region famed for precision, clarity and balance of flavour. Sauvignon Blanc wines from this region are crisp and fresh with a powerful fruit-driven punch.


Let your celebrations flow this summer

Due to an exceptionally small harvest caused by extreme spring frosts in New Zealand this year, the country’s Sauvignon Blanc 2021 vintage will be in short supply for the months ahead. This gives wine drinkers the opportunity to expand beyond this region and explore some of Australia’s most esteemed Sauvignon Blanc offerings. With summer just around the corner and socialising back on the table, this is the perfect time to elevate your next celebration and let the good times flow.

Nepenthe Elevation Sauvignon Blanc

Our Nepenthe Elevation Sauvignon Blanc expresses the fruit and unique characters from our diverse cool climate region in the Adelaide HIlls. Recently awarded 94 points in the 2021 Winestate Magazine Awards, this vibrant wine has a beautiful balance of tropical passionfruit with hints of grapefruit and nettle. The palate is intense yet elegant before a long zesty citrus finish.

“The Sauvignon Blanc is a gutsy little wine that’s made a big splash already,” says Nepenthe Senior Winemaker James Evers.

“The fruit selected for this wine came from cooler parts of the region in higher altitudes, with an intense but elegant palate. It’s a winner paired with oysters, lobster or white fish - basically, the perfect drop to crack open at Christmas lunch!”

At just $25 a bottle, the Nepenthe Elevation series offers a luxe wine experience with an accessible price point - creating more opportunities for genuine connection while the celebrations flow.


Suggested food pairings: Freshly shucked oysters, salt and pepper squid and white fish.

Nepenthe Altitude Sauvignon Blanc

Our Nepenthe Altitude Sauvignon Blanc is crafted in a modern Australian style, showing vibrant citrus fruit flavours with subtle herbaceous notes. Notes of passionfruit and guava continue through a luscious mid-palate before a clean citrus-like finish. An intense yet elegant wine balanced with zippy acidity and a substantial lingering texture.

“Our Altitude Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect drop to bring to a dinner party with friends,” says Evers, “it packs a far bigger punch than the price tag suggests, proving excellent wine, made well, doesn’t have to be prohibitive."

Suggested food pairings: Spicy stir-fry, goat’s cheese salad, fresh prawns.