Cajun Duck and Shrimp Gumbo

Serves 6
Recipe from

Ann Oliver

Goes well with

- Pinot Noir

- The Good Doctor Pinot Noir

- Pinot Noir


Black Roux
- 200ml peanut oil
- 120g plain flour
- 500ml veal stock

Prawn Stock
- 1kg prawn heads and shell roasted in a hot oven
- 500g brown onions roughly chopped without peeling
- 500g ripe tomatoes roughly chopped
- 300g carrots roughly chopped without peeling
- 150g celery finely sliced
- stock herbs marjoram, thyme and parsley
- 3 fresh bay leaves
- whole black peppercorns
- 5L cold water

Dirty Rice
- 500g of quality long grain rice
- 5g salt
- 1 fresh bay leaf
- 750ml dirty prawn stock boiling


Black Roux
Place your wok on high heat, add the oil, and as soon as the oil is hot add the flour and whisking constantly, bringing the edges back into the middle of the pan.

You will see the roux going through all of the stages from light brown, medium-brown, red-brown and finally black.

Just keep stirring, but remember if your roux starts to show specs of burnt, and not even colour you will more than likely have to start again.
You will notice as you pass from the lighter to the darker stages, the roux will change slightly, and the oil may start to spit, keep stirring.

As soon as you have reached black, whisk in the stock, standing well back from the burst of steam [and sometimes flames], and immediately tip it into the bowl to stop further cooking.

Prawn Stock
Put everything into a large pot, and bring slowly to the boil. Skim any scum that comes to the surface, then simmer very gently for one hour. Allow to stand for another hour, then strain.

Cajun Duck
Put the butter into a large rondelle and place it on medium heat.

Add everything to the cumin, season lightly and cook gently until golden.

Add the eggplant and continue frying for a little longer, then add the okra and the Black Roux, stirring constantly until the roux is hot.

Stirring constantly add the prawn stock a little at a time to ensure that it does not go lumpy, stir through the bay leaves, half of the herbs and sassafras and simmer gently for an hour.

Stir through the shredded duck and simmer gently for another hour until the flavours are well combined.

Add the remaining herbs, taste and adjust the seasoning.

Dirty Rice
Pre heat the oven to 225C

Place the butter into the pan, and put on low heat, add the salt and rice, and continue cooking until the rice goes opaque.

Add the 750ml of rough prawn stock, bring up to the boil, cover tightly with aluminium foil, and put into the oven.

Cook for exactly 25 minutes, remove from the oven, lift the foil, stir the rice and recover. leaving one corner of the foil slightly open.

Place the tureen and serving bowls into the warm oven where the rice was cooked.

Test the gumbo for seasonings, and adjust if necessary, add the remaining herbs.

Lightly grease the darioles, firmly pack with rice, and invert into each of the warmed soup bowls, leaving the darioles in place.

Add the prawn meat to the gumbo and stir through.

Pour a ladle of the gumbo over the dariole, and then carefully remove the dariole with the tip of a knife.

Put the rest of the gumbo into the tureen, and serve the extra gumbo at the table so that people can help themselves.


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