Chicken and Pistachio Rolls

Serves Makes 4 rolls - main course for 4, entree for 8

For an entree it is delicious with a light salad of risoni dressed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil and just about anything you have in your fridge in the way of salad ingredients - with a main course serve the salad needs to be a little more substantial but should have the same fresh clean flavours

Recipe from

Ann Oliver

Goes well with

- Petraea Sauvignon Blanc

- Sauvignon Blanc


• 16 chicken thighs flattened to about 5mm thick between two pieces of plastic with a mallet
prosciutto finely sliced
• 660g chicken thigh roughly chopped
• 550g fatty end of bacon roughly chopped
• 100g zucchini julienne
• 160g pistachios
• 1/2 bunch of dill plucked and roughly chopped
• 160g purple onion peeled weight finely chopped
• 7g salt
• 2 pinches [1.5g] white pepper fine

Poaching Liquid

• 4L cold water
• 125ml white wine vinegar
• 2 bay leaves
• 500g onion P/W finely sliced
• 250g carrots finely sliced
• few sprigs of thyme
• 5g whole black pepper
• 25g salt


• Tear off four pieced of foil that are slightly over a metre long and fold them in half.
• Cut a full sheet of baking parchment into four equal pieces and sit a piece on top of each piece of foil.
• Cover the parchment with a single layer of prosciutto.
• Leaving 3cm of the top horizontal edge of the prosciutto uncovered, cover it with the flattened chicken thigh.
• Mince the chicken thigh and bacon in the bowl cutter until it is fine, then mix everything together.
• Divide the mixture between the four rolls, and with wet hands shape it to a sausage along the bottom edge of the chicken thigh.
• Roll up tightly and twist up the ends firmly.
• Poach the rolls in the following fume until they reach 55°C on an electronic thermometer.
• Allow them to cool and finish cooking in the poaching fume.
• When they are cool remove them from the fume, slice and serve.


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